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Delta India Automobiles is the partnership firm established in 2011 as a manufacturer of Speed Limit Device. The firm is equipped with highly qualified experienced partners and strong infrastructure of software, assembly units, testing lab and design facility.


The firm is involved in assembling of Speed Limit Device. This is the device which either acts on the fuel supply line or the accelerator to control the speed at a specified speed. 

The firm is particularly involved in assembling of Fuel Control Type of Speed Limit Device.

Rule 118 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 provides for the use of speed governor (Speed Limit Device). In states like Haryana, Punjab, Andra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala etc, use of Speed Governor has been made compulsory. Yuvatech- School management software.


The firm has been promoted and managed by Mr. Amit Walecha along with other partner Mr. Laieek Mohammad. The strength of the firm lies in young partners of the firm having positive outlook, depth knowledge and vast experience in automobile sector.

  • Amit Walecha:Yuvatech- School management software.

    Mr. Amit walecha as a director, experience in automobile industry in last 4 years.

  Automatic Speed Limiter (Fuel control)
Solenoid Valve
Speed Sensor
High Pressure Rubber House
ECU (Electronic control unit)
CONTACT INFO: #4, Sector- 21A, Faridabad- 121001 Call us: +91-9999616388;